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Providing High Quality Gas Furnace Service, Installation, and Repairs

Generally speaking, most gas furnaces can be relied on for 15 years or more when properly maintained and all you need is access to a natural gas line and a set of air ducts. Not only that, but these days there are highly energy-efficient systems that cost little to run which can save you money - making professional gas furnace services an important investment.

Our team of trained professionals at Sanders Heating & Cooling can offer you a comprehensive list of gas furnace services. From installation to repairs and routine maintenance, we've been serving the people from and around the Portland Metro area through our quality work. Our licensed technicians are not only highly trained, but customer service is our top priority so you can trust you're getting getting dependable advice that's unique to addressing your needs and questions.

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At Sanders Heating & Cooling We Aim To Be The Best

This company believes in delivering the best customer service to anyone we can help, so we recognize the value of understanding the needs and concerns of our customers. We offer free estimates and honest advice so that you can take comfort in knowing you're set up to have your furnace operating at peak efficiency. It's also worth noting that gas furnace service and maintenance can be dangerous, and doing it yourself could potentially void certain manufacturer warranties. 

Whether you need a new unit altogether, you require some repairs, or you have a system in need of some routine maintenance we can be your all-around service provider when it comes to gas furnaces.

Sanders Heating & Cooling can deliver you a range or trustworthy gas furnace services:

  • Installation - When getting a new gas furnace, it's extremely important to have someone with the proper knowledge and training do the work. If the proper amount of effort isn't invested into figuring out the best unit and setting it up correctly, then chances are you could end up with a unit that fails sooner than the predicted lifespan. We can help throughout the entire process.
  • Repair - Signs of furnace mishaps tend to be subtle, so it's important to stay aware of any signs. These can range from significant temperature drops to noises coming from the unit itself. Regardless of how small you think a problem may be, our licensed technicians can help take a look let you know if there are any necessary repairs.
  • Maintenance - As you can probably guess, it's generally recommended that you schedule a yearly maintenance check prior to the start of heating season. This can have preventative benefits down the road, as it allows a technician the opportunity to make any electrical or mechanical adjustments while conducting a thorough cleaning.

Based Out of Boring, We're Here For You

From Sandy to Cornelius, we're out to prove that our service is unmatched to everyone we can help. Contact us for your gas furnace needs and you'll be able to rest easy knowing you'll be comfortable in your home or business all winter long. Simply fill out the short form below to learn more and schedule your FREE estimate!

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